Old 121 BrewHouse

Old 121 Brewhouse is a family-owned, community-focused gathering space dedicated to creating craft beverages for the whole community. As veterans of the brewing industry, and the craft beer scene in and around Denver in particular, we’ve seen trends come and go. The winds of change are brisk, and often unpredictable. Two things we always knew to be true, and that inform how we’ve built Old 121 Brewhouse are the following: 1. Quality and craftsmanship never go out of style 2. If you work to establish meaningful relationships in your community, you’ll do fine. We’ve sought to do both at Old 121 Brewhouse. That’s why you won’t find us chasing down retail accounts all across the city, or seeking shelf space in liquor stores. We’re committed to our friends and neighbors in Lakewood, Colorado, but always welcome anyone visiting us from across the city, or across the country. That’s also why we put just as much care and craft into our non-alcoholic offerings through our in-house line of craft sodas and a partnership with Teakoe, as we do our beer. We want Old 121 Brewhouse to be welcoming to everyone.
1057 South Wadsworth Blvd #60
Lakewood, CO 80226


BOGO - Expires:12/13/2020 - Limit:1
BOGO on all draft beers
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