Deerhammer Distillery

Deerhammer is, first and foremost, a small independent business. High in the Colorado mountains, the distillery is inspired by the bootstrap ambition of the settlers who first settled the west and the passion for exploration that defines Buena Vista’s history. ​ As a grain to glass distillery, Deerhammer is focused on process. From recipe formulation to mashing, fermentation, distillation and maturation, we’ve experimented with every step in the process to better understand the effects of subtle choices on our final product. The result is a unique whiskey steeped in history, yet brewed with a pioneering perspective. Co-founder Lenny Eckstein built the distillery himself, cobbling together used dairy equipment and repurposed machinery. One of the only custom pieces commissioned for the distillery was a Scottish-style direct fire 140 gallon copper pot still, made by an artisan from Arkansas who answers to “the Colonel.” Six years later, despite many improvements to our other equipment, the pot still remains our prized possession. Deerhammer Single Malt Whiskey is our cornerstone contribution to the field of American craft spirits. Starting its life as a porter-style 100% malted barley mash, it’s further shaped by open-air fermentation before passing through our stills and maturing in charred virgin white oak. Boasting a complex profile with notes of coffee and chocolate, you won’t mistake it for its Scottish or Irish counterparts. It’s a uniquely American product, with an exceptional taste of place, and we invite you to take your first sip with an explorer’s state of mind.
321 East Main Street
Buena Vista, CO 81211


2-for-1 Barrel Aged Old Fashioned - Expires:12/13/2020 - Limit:1
American Single Malt, Rye, Bourbon and Hickory Smoked Whiskey
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