Points & Rewards

Earn points and weekly prizes by participating in the event!

Passport Stamps

  • Each time you redeem and purchase a Contender’s offer, a passport stamp will be awarded to your account! Collect as many passport stamps as you can while enjoying Colorado’s best chili, booze, and beer!  Each passport stamp earns you 1 point toward the weekly prize giveaway!

Points for Participation

  • Earn points for participation and engagement! There are SEVERAL WAYS TO WIN!
  • Get yourself on the weekly leaderboard for a chance to win a unique experience! Each week runs from Sunday to Sunday, with the weekly leaderboard resetting on Saturday at 11:59 PM MST.
  • The overall leaderboard will track passport holder cumulative points throughout the entire event. The TOP 3-point leaders each week are entered into the Sunday Experience Drawing.
  • At the end of the event on December 13, 2020 the Overall Leaders will be rewarded with Ultimate Experience prize packs

How to Earn Points

  • Earn points for purchasing your Passport!
    • Gold badge for VIP earns you 10 points
    • Silver badge for Passport Plus earns you 5 points
    • Bronze badge for Passport Only earns you 1 point.
  • Earn Points for collecting Regional Badges
    • You can earn regional badges each time you obtain a Passport Stamp from a respective vendor outside the Denver Metro area. Regional badges have different points associated with them based on the number of contenders in that particular area.
    • Points for Regional Badges will be updated on or before November 1, 2020.
  • Earn points for placing your vote.
    • You can vote by rating the offer on a scale of 1-10 (10 is the highest). Each vote earns you 1 participation point.
    • You may only vote for each Contender offer once.
    • You will only have access to vote on the Contender offers you have redeemed.
  • Earn points for SHARING your participation on social media!
    • When you SHARE with the required hashtags and mentions on your social media channels, you earn points! Please see the Share tab for more details.
  • Earn points by getting others to participate!
    • Invite your Friends and Family using your unique referral link.
    • Earn 2 extra points when you achieve 10 referrals.
  • Earn points for donating!
    • For every $25 donation, you will receive 1 additional point. There is no limit to the amount of points you can earn through donations.  

Auctions & Prize Drawings

Get in on the excitement of the Chili, Booze & Brews online auction! Check out great products and experiences from your favorite Contenders and local businesses!

  • New items go up for auction each week on Sunday at 8:00 am, and end at 11:59 pm on the following Saturday.
  • View the auction items and weekly prize drawings available each week by clicking on the Auction Tab and the Weekly Experiences button or menu item!
  • Chili, Booze & Brews Auction Items and Experiences have been graciously donated by Contenders and supporters of The Morgan Adams Foundation.

Contender Offer Rules

  • Passport stamps are awarded after you have redeemed a Contender’s offer.
  • Everyone who obtains 3 Passport stamps in a week will earn 1 entry into the weekly prize drawing.
  • You can only redeem any given Contender’s offer once per passport.
  • You can only vote on a Contender’s offer after you have redeemed it. All ratings are on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the highest.

Auction Rules

To place a bid on an auction item, click on the Bid button on the individual item listing. Enter a bid amount that you would like to bid, and then click on the red Bid button.

If you wish to purchase the item immediately, click BUY IT NOW.

Some auction items have a Reserve Price. If the Reserve Price is not met, The Morgan Adams Foundation is not required to sell the item, even to the highest bidder. If you see “Reserve not met” after placing a bid, you will not win the item even if you are the highest bidder at the end of the auction.

If you are the highest bidder for one or more auction items at the close of the weekly auction, an email notifying you of your purchase will be sent to your inbox.

Auction items must be paid in full before the item will be released to the winning buyer.  Buyer is responsible for picking up their auction item(s) during the times listed below.   We are not able to ship or mail auction items to the winners.

The Morgan Adams Foundation
5303 East Evans Avenue, Suite 200
Denver CO 80222

Saturday 11/21/2020 from 9-11am
Tuesday 11/24/2020 from 8-1pm
Friday 12/11/2020 from 1-5pm
Saturday 12/12/2020 from 9-11am
Thursday 12/17/2020 from 1-5pm

All sales are final.

The Morgan Adams Foundation reserves the right, for any reason, to terminate, change, or suspend any aspect of the auction. 

Weekly Experiences

The weekly experience contests will begin on Sunday at 8:00am MST and end on the following Saturday at 11:59pm.

The weekly winners will be randomly selected from the top three Participants based on the weekly points earned from Sunday at 8:00am through the following Saturday at 11:59pm. The winner will be notified on the following Monday at 8:00am MST. 

Additional Information

As a passport holder, you can manage your notification settings when logged in by going to “My Account”.

All Chili, Booze & Brews Contenders are subject to state and local ordinances. Offers may change at any time.

All Passport sales are final.

At any time during the event, should participants or contenders have questions, please contact The Morgan Adams Foundation at 303-758-2130 or use the Contact Us Form on the website.

The Morgan Adams Foundation is here because of wonderful supporters like you! We are truly grateful and appreciative for all Contenders and Passport participants!

The Chili, Booze & Brews event benefits The Morgan Adams Foundation, an organization that raises money and awareness on behalf of children and young adults with cancer.

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